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Ex-forger Liam Quinn has been given a second chance to make amends. But a missing painting, angry family and an irate Mafia boss guarantee redemption won’t come easily.

Liam Quinn returns! A former boxing rival is dead.  Police say he overdosed. But Quinn doesn’t buy it. His friend’s death involves an athletic prodigy, and vultures are circling…

Quinn is up to his neck… quite literally, in the Arizona desert. A hippie wants his head, a dead wiseguy’s estate is plump pickings, and he had enough enemies to fill Phoenix…

Quinn’s new client is certifiably insane and years earlier, killed his parents. So when his “wife” goes “missing”, no one believes him or will help. Nobody but Liam Quinn…

Lonny Walters played some mean electric guitar. But not everyone was a fan, which is why the blues legend lies dead behind a dive in Jersey. Enter Quinn, stage right, to help find justice.

Quinn and Nora are on a forced vacation, with a contract out on his head. They’re headed to Palm Springs, where a Russian producer’s lousy kids all want a piece of his estate…

Quinn’s most challenging mystery yet! Two locked rooms, two suicide notes… a pair of dead-cert murders. Can Quinn uncover the truth before another brother bites the bullet?

Back behind bars, Quinn  must rely on Nora’s quick wit and street smarts to  turn back the clock and take on a cold case murder from decades earlier. But time is running out…

It’s Liam and Nora’s wedding day. Everything is going perfectly… which, history suggests, means everything is about to go terribly wrong. Will Quinn leave her at the altar to catch a killer?

Deep down in Florida, the heat makes people crazy. When a baseball coach drowns in a hottub, it’s a chance for Quinn’s father Al to put an old debt to bed once and for all….

Someone has kidnappeda loved one, an old enemy looking for revenge. Quinn has twenty-four hours to unravel a sick scavenger hunt, before an air-tight room becomes a tomb.

Witness protection beckons. Liam and Nora are in rural Minnesota, where a newspaper editor lost his head. Can Quinn keep his wits about him and catch a killer who’s a cut above?

It’s a last night of drinking for an old friend with the Philly police. But retirement won’t keep him from bloody retribution. A career criminal is fingered for the killing. Quinn’s not so sure.

An ambitious and caring young political operator is murdered. Her ex-con brother thinks Quinn owes him a favor. Quinn will settle for ensuring a killer is taken off Philadelphia’s streets.

Three mysteries featuring ex-priest and agnostic detective Max Castillo. Max is a layabout, a bum. But he has a knack for figuring out what motivates the worst kind of killers…

CIA agent Joe Brennan has been frozen out. He has a chance to get his job back… if he can find and eliminate a political sniper. But he’s about to uncover a terrifying global conspiracy..

When a Chinese sleeper cell is awoken in the U.S., CIA covert ops specialist Joe Brennan must team with Chinese counterpart Daisy Lee in a frantic race to uncover their target….

A scientist has promised a world-changing revelation. But he has suspect friends, hinting at ties to an old evil, thought long dead. Only Joe Brennan can uncover a threat to all humanity.

A Joe Brennan Prequel Novel. Brennan has just left the Navy SEALs and is on r-and-r in Thailand. When an American woman goes missing, Brennan goes on the hunt.

Raised in the mob, Tom Russo became a U.S. military hero. But old wounds die hard, and his skills are of great value to violent men. Tom’s life is about to be go off the rails.

A noir suspense novel. A corrupt French policemen profits from the Nazi occupation of Paris. Will his infatuation with a cafe waitress save his soul… or condemn him for eternity?

In a bitterly cold Edmonton winter, a washed-up former football player and a crusading lawyer must prevent a wrong accused man from going to prison for murder.

On a Caribbean island, an old man is found floating face down in a local harbor. A reporter smells a story. But his inquiries are making rich locals uncomfortable… and he may be next.

Three luckless criminals have an idea: to rob a storage center auction on its busiest day. But they haven’t checked who owns the place… and now a very dangerous man wants a very big favor.