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The Joe Brennan
Spy Thrillers

Joe Brennan is the star of three twist-laden, character-driven action spy novels and a prequel novella. Brennan served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan before being recruited into the CIA. An expert marksman and combatant, Brennan’s conscience and moral center constantly put him at odds with the Agency’s politics. His adventures are available on Kindle Unlimited. Want to get the novella for free? Join Ian’s mailing list and stay in touch.

A thrill-a-minute ride that I found difficult to put down. The balls-to-the-wall excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster. The characters feel real, the action is intense. I loved it.

Ian Loome is the Amazon best-selling author of two series: the Joe Brennan spy thrillers and the Liam Quinn mysteries. Get two exciting novels (one of which is a three-book collection!) by joining his reader group. He’ll touch base  with occasional updates, deals and more free stuff.


Before writing the best-selling Liam Quinn mysteries, Ian wrote the Max Castillo Mysteries under his penname LH Thomson. This collection includes three full-length mysteries.

 A Joe Brennan Prequel Novel. Brennan has just left the Navy SEALs and is on r-and-r in Thailand. When an American woman goes missing, Brennan goes on the hunt.


In South America, a scientist is slain…
In London, a young hacker is on the run…
In Washington, the balance of power is about to change…

Joe Brennan finds himself dragged back into the CIA Clandestine Operations section when a theft of data from the UK government is linked to a global movement of fascist true believers. 

A quantum leap in genetic research may mean a brighter future for all mankind… or it may be the latest in a relentless struggle to re-establish 

an immortal evil, thought long dead.


The U.S. election is just weeks away. Their enemies are without remorse, betraying everything they stand for in pursuit of a deadly secret weapon, the masterpiece of a master chemist.


Brennan’s target is a shadow organization based in Argentina. Whatever the agent uncovers, there are fears it’s tied to a young senator, a maverick candidate for the world’s most powerful job. History is not on his side. And the clock is ticking….