Amazon best-selling author , ghostwriter and journalist

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Ian Loome grew up in the village of Bierton in Buckinghamshire, England. He moved as a teenager with his family, dividing time between Angola, in West Africa, and Canada.

He began his fiction career writing ebooks under the pennames “LH Thomson” for mysteries and “Sam Powers” for thrillers.

A former journalist in Ontario and Alberta, he covered stories ranging from foreign correspondence, politics and crime to fun features and celebrity interviews. 

He also wrote several nationally syndicated newspaper columns.

He served several stints as a legislature reporter, political columnist, soccer writer, assignment editor and newsroom manager. 

He writes the Amazon Best Selling Rogue Warrior novels for Inkubator Books of Dublin, the Liam Quinn Mysteries, the Joe Brennan spy novels and numerous stand-alone titles.  

The Bob Singleton thrillers are about a former CIA assassin on the run, trying to use his life on the road to make amends.

The Liam Quinn mysteries are old-school private eye novels about a former felon from Philadelphia who is trying to rebuild his life. 

The Joe Brennan novels center on a former CIA ‘clandestine operations’ officer forced back into the trade.

Ian is neurodiverse. In his spare time, he plays blues guitar and has toured with a radio charting blues band. 

He lives with his partner Lori in Canada.